Predicting Love With Numerology


Numerology has been around for thousands of years dating back to the biblical times.  Studying numbers and their meanings can help us understand our personal life path.  Whether you are still looking for Mr or Mrs right or you are happily married discovering how your life path number coincides with your partners can tell you a lot about the relationship.

In numerology there are 9 total life path numbers ranging from 1-9.  Each number has its own specific meaning and relevance.  If you have not already done so, the first thing you will want to do is to determine your personal life path number.

This is accomplished by using your birthdate in the standard month/day/year format.  Let’s use the date 07/14/1985 as an example.  We need to break this down into a single number.  It can be done by using the following formula:

Month:   0 + 7 = 7             Day:  1 + 4 = 5                     Year:  1+9+8+5 = 23    then 2+3 = 5

So now we have the following numbers:  7 + 5 + 5 = 17

This person’s birthday has a life path number of 1 + 7 = 8              Life path number 8

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The Meaning of the Numbers

Of course each number in Numerology life path has a specific meaning sort of like a horoscope.  We have included a brief description of each number below.

The Meaning of 1:  People who have a number of 1 are usually adventure seekers, like to be on their own, and are leaders.  A few negative traits they can be known for are their stubbornness, being rather demanding and not being able to focus on something for an extended period of time.  The match that would be best suited for these individuals are people who are numbers 2 and 6.  These numbers are more patient and can handle the sporadic nature of the 1.

The Meaning of 2:  Specific character traits of a 2 are funny, empathetic, caring, and respectful.  Number 2’s need to feel appreciated otherwise the relationship will be doomed to fail.  The best match for a 2 is usually a 6.

The Meaning of 3:  Many times 3’s are artists or performers.  They are known to be creative, people persons and uplifting.  They are often very social and like to be out and about.  People who are numbers 1 and 5 are the best for the 3 to start a relationship with.

The Meaning of 4:  4’s make the best employees because they are known to be dependable, on time and always get their tasks completed.  They are hard-working but can be critical of others which is not good in a relationship.  The best partners for a 4 are 2 and 8.

The Meaning of 5:  5’s are my personal favorite people to be around because of their fun loving nature and ability to lift others up.  They are known to be very outgoing in nature.  However, they can be a bit dramatic at times.  Possible suitors are a 1 or 7.

The Meaning of 6: These people are good mothers, caring, sensitive, and dependable.  You can always trust them to be by your side in good times and bad.  6’s can sometimes wear themselves out trying to please everyone at all times.  2’s make a good match for 6’s.

The Meaning of 7:  These individuals tend to be spontaneous, smart, and have very high standards and expectations for themselves.  7’s tend to date other 7’s or they can look for a 5 for good compatability.

The Meaning of 8:  We finally come to our example in the birthdate above.  8’s are the type of people you want working for you.  However, these types of people usually are very entrepreneurial and achieve their dreams.  2’s and 4’s match up nicely with 8’s and will support them while reaching for their dreams.

The Meaning of 9:  This life path is giving and sophisticated in nature.  They are the type of individuals that would work for a non-profit agency.   On the negative side they are very opinionated and self-righteous.  9’s are usually best fit with another 9 because they will understand each other the best.


Hopefully this short description of numerology will give you a little insight into the practice.  Perhaps it will convince you to delve a little deeper and study the art in more detail.  So get out there and start looking for you perfect match!